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Driving license training in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main - we will advise you in detail

From the first driving lesson to the test, we accompany you on your way to a driver's license right from the start.

A driving license means independence and most people can no longer imagine their everyday life without it. Driving to work, going shopping, taking the children to school, being mobile at any time of day or night and in any weather - who would want to do without that? With driver's license training at our driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main, you'll reach your destination perfectly supervised. Before you register with us, you will probably have a few questions about the training process. In the following, we address some of the topics that our students frequently ask.

Driving license training procedure

First, you register at the driving school and submit an application to the road traffic office. This is necessary for admission to the test. Once you have started your driver's license training, theoretical and practical lessons are on the agenda. While the number of theory lessons, which cover basic and additional material, is prescribed by law, the number of driving lessons depends on your individual learning progress, whereby a certain number of special trips are required. Once the theory lessons have been completed and the driving instructor is of the opinion that the student has mastered the practice, the theory and practical test can take place.

Information on driving licenses

Motorcycle, car or truck? Every vehicle belongs to a vehicle category. Class B includes car driving licenses, classes A and M include two-wheeler driving licenses, class C includes truck driving licenses, class D includes bus driving licenses and classes T and L include tractors for agriculture and forestry.

Procedure for the driving test

As part of the theory test, which takes place at the driving school, a certain number of questions must be answered depending on the driving license category. The number of points allowed for mistakes is also regulated in this context. For a car driver's license, there are 30 questions. For driving license category B, the practical test lasts 45 minutes. In addition to the learner driver, the driving instructor and the driving examiner are also present. After a safety check, the test drive begins inside and outside built-up areas.

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