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Theory lessons at the driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main - get your driver's license with us!

Information on duration, content and exam.

Hold your driver's license in your hands soon! To make this dream come true, you must first acquire the basic knowledge in the respective driving license class. This takes place in theory lessons at the driving school, which form the central part of the training alongside the driving lessons. In the theory lessons to obtain your driver's license, you will acquire all the knowledge required for safe participation in road traffic.

Contents of theory lessons for the driving license

Depending on the driving license category, a certain number of theory lessons are prescribed. For a car driving license, the program includes twelve double hours of basic material and two double hours of additional material, with each lesson lasting 90 minutes. Each theory lesson deals with a different topic, such as the legal framework, the road traffic system, traffic signs, traffic facilities, correct behavior in road traffic, speed, distance and parking. Once you have attended all the theory lessons and studied the material intensively at home, the driving instructor will register you for the theory test.

Frequently asked questions about theory lessons at driving school

Before you sign up for driving school and the first theory lesson draws ever closer, there are bound to be a few things on your mind. Below we address some of the questions that our learner drivers often ask us:

How much do the theory lessons cost?

The cost of theory lessons is already included in the registration fee. Depending on the region and driving school, this amounts to around 200 euros. Added to this are the costs for learning materials.

How long does the theoretical part take?

Twelve double hours of basic material and two double hours of additional material are required.

How often do theory lessons take place at the driving school?

You can attend theory lessons at the driving school on fixed days. As a rule, a driving school offers two lessons a week in the evening.

How do the theory lessons work?

Each lesson deals with a different topic, such as traffic signs, distance rules, crossing a level crossing or speed, which is presented as part of a presentation and in which the learner drivers actively participate. The driving instructor determines the course of the lesson.

What do I need to bring to theory lessons?

You don't need to bring anything to the theory lessons. Pens, pads and drinks are provided by the driving school.

Register now and attend your first theory lesson soon!

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