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Practical driving test in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main - what you need to know

We make sure that you are perfectly prepared for your driving test.

Have you passed the theory test, completed all the special trips and feel confident driving? Then all that's missing is the practical driving test so that you can hold your driver's license in your hands! We will advise you in detail on the requirements, the tasks and the duration of the practical test.

Content of the practical test for the driving license

Before driving begins, a visual inspection of the vehicle is on the agenda, during which the driving examiner will ask you three questions. You then adjust the seat, mirrors and steering wheel - and then you're ready to go! There are three basic driving tasks in the test for category B: reversing to the right using a junction, driveway or intersection, reversing into a parking space, reversing into a parking space, emergency braking and reversing. Depending on the driving examiner, there are also other tasks such as driving on the highway.

Things to know and tips on the driving test for your driving license

It's perfectly normal to be nervous before your driving test - after all, it's the last step on the way to getting your license. If you follow a few tips, you will be relaxed and confident on the big day. You should get a good night's rest before the test and go to bed early the night before. On the day of the exam, allow enough time for the journey to the exam so that you are on time. Before driving, adjust your seat position, the steering wheel and the exterior and rear-view mirrors. If you do not understand the examiner's instructions correctly, feel free to ask them again. Try to remain calm and rely on the knowledge you acquired at driving school. After a few minutes, most test candidates have become accustomed to the situation, are calmer and concentrate fully on driving. Always look in the mirrors, look over your shoulder, always keep to the permitted speed, pay attention to other road users, approach junctions slowly and listen carefully to the examiner's instructions.

Frequently asked questions about the practical driving test/the practical driving test

Our learner drivers often ask our team about the following topics, among others:

When can I register for the driving test?

You can register once you have passed the theory test and completed all special trips - and feel confident behind the wheel.

How long does the driving test take?

In category B, the test lasts 45 minutes.

What happens if I fail the driving test?

If you fail your test, you must take a two-week break before you can try again. You should use this time for further driving lessons as practice. In general, you can take the practical test as often as you like, but you have to pay the fee each time.

How much is the examination fee?

The fee payable to TÜV or DEKRA is 116.93 euros.

How many driving lessons are required for the test? 

As part of the driving training for category B, twelve special trips are required - five overland trips, four highway trips and three night trips. In addition, there are the regular driving lessons, the number of which depends on the individual's learning progress and the driving instructor's assessment.

Would you like to get your driver's license? Then register at our driving school now!

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