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Driving license test in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main - theory and practice

Now your driver's license is within your grasp.

Have you attended the prescribed theory lessons, completed all special driving tests, taken regular driving lessons and feel confident behind the wheel? Then you're ready for the next and final step on the road to your driver's license - the two driving tests! The theory test and the practical test for your driving license complete your training. In the tests, you have to prove that you have acquired the knowledge required for safe participation in road traffic.

Below you will find detailed information on the driving license tests:

Theory test

In order to be admitted to the theory test, you must attend twelve double lessons of basic material and two double lessons of additional material for the car driving license. In the theory test, you have to answer 30 multiple-choice questions on the various areas of the theory lessons at our driving school. 20 questions relate to the basic material and 10 questions to the additional material. A maximum of ten mistakes is allowed in order to pass the test. You are allowed between 30 and 45 minutes to answer the exam questions. Before you submit the questionnaire, you should check your answers again.

Practical test

In the practical test for driving license category B, which lasts 45 minutes on average, you have to prove that you have all the knowledge required to drive safely and in accordance with the regulations. The driving examiner will make sure that you follow all the rules and react appropriately in difficult situations. Driving in regular traffic with its various challenges is just as much a part of the program as parking and driving on the freeway. A safety check must also be carried out on the vehicle as part of the driving test. For example, you may have to check the lights, tires or oil level.

For optimal preparation, we recommend taking online driving license tests with up-to-date exam questions.

Do you have further questions about the driving test? Our experienced and dedicated team will be happy to advise you in detail.

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