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Take driving lessons in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main - get behind the wheel with us!

We'll get you fit for the road.

Can't wait to take your first driving lesson and finally find out what it means to drive a vehicle yourself? At our driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main, practical lessons take place in modern driving school vehicles in which you can apply the knowledge you gain in the theory lessons that take place at the same time.

Content of the driving lessons

Before the first practical drive, the driving instructor will give you an introduction to the car and the technology. The driving school car is equipped so that the driving instructor, like the driver, has access to the brake, accelerator and clutch pedals and can operate the vehicle at any time in critical situations.

Then the steering wheel, mirrors and seat need to be adjusted for you so that you can drive safely - and then you're ready to go. First you will learn how to start off and familiarize yourself with the clutch. It is completely normal for these new procedures to be a little jerky at first. Don't let this discourage you; over time, the individual actions will become second nature to you. Once you have become more confident, you will practise the various traffic situations. These include, for example, applying the traffic rules, parking and driving on the highway and in the dark. Twelve special drives are required: five cross-country drives, four highway drives and three night drives.

Frequently asked questions about driving lessons

Your first driving lesson is a special moment that you have been waiting a long time for. In the run-up to it, you will certainly have a number of questions. We will answer some of them below:

What does a driving lesson cost?

Depending on the region and driving school, the cost of a driving lesson is between 20 and 45 euros.

How long does a driving lesson last?

A regular driving lesson lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

How many driving lessons are compulsory?

A total of twelve special trips are mandatory. In addition to five overland trips, four highway trips and three night trips are planned. The scope of the remaining practical hours depends on the individual's learning progress.

How does the first driving lesson work?

In the first driving lesson, you will first familiarize yourself with the car, the various parts and their functions. You will also learn how to start and brake. Once you are confident in both procedures, you will be ready for your first drive in regular traffic.

We look forward to accompanying you step by step on your way to your driver's license!

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