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Theory test for your driving license in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main - we will advise you in detail

All important information on requirements, content and duration.

Have you completed all the prescribed theory lessons and feel confident in the subject matter? Then the theory test for your driving license can come! Our driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main will tell you how best to prepare and what to expect in the theory test. So you'll be perfectly prepared for the big day.

Contents of the theory test for the driving license

In the past, candidates had to fill out a questionnaire on paper. Nowadays, the theory test takes place on a PC. There are 30 multiple-choice questions to answer - 20 on the basic material and 10 on the additional material. There are three answers to choose from and the candidate has to decide between them. They select the desired answer with a click of the mouse. The test is failed if there are more than ten mistakes or if two questions with a value of five points are answered incorrectly. An examiner from TÜV or DEKRA is present throughout the test to explain how to use the PC and is available to answer any questions.

Things to know and tips on the theory test for your driving license

From our many years of experience, we can say that attending theory lessons alone is not enough to pass the test. In addition to the theory lessons, regular, early learning is required to consolidate your knowledge. To prepare for the exam, a list of questions is compiled and regularly updated by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. Exam candidates will be informed in good time if changes are made to the question catalog. The more often you go through the list of questions, the greater the learning effect. Other ways to prepare for the exam include taking online driving tests, special computer programs, textbooks, apps and learning on a PC at a driving school.

Frequently asked questions about the theory test

An exam is always a challenging situation. It is therefore understandable that you should give it some thought beforehand. In the following, we address points that often concern our exam candidates:

When can I register for the theory test?

When you have completed all the prescribed theory lessons at the driving school, are well prepared and feel confident, the time has come to register for the test.

How much is the examination fee?

The fee to be paid to TÜV or DEKRA is 22.49 euros for all driving license categories.

What happens if I do not pass the exam?

If you fail the exam, there is a 14-day blocking period. You can then try again.

How often can I retake the exam?

The theory test can be taken as often as you like. However, the examination fee must be paid each time.

How long does the driving test take?

It takes between 30 and 45 minutes to answer the 30 questions.

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