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Convert your American driver's license to a German one - what you need to know

Our driving school will advise you in detail.

You have an American driver's license, have moved to Germany in the meantime and therefore need to have the document rewritten? We are very familiar with the legal requirements and will provide you with comprehensive information.

The most important facts about driving license conversion

When converting an American driving license to a German driving license, the following aspects must be taken into account:

⇒ Proof of residence

You must prove that you have had a permanent residence in Germany for at least 185 days.

Eye test

You must also submit a current eye test from a recognized optician in Germany.

First aid course

You will also need a certificate of attendance for a first aid course.

⇒ Submitting the application

You must submit the application for the transfer of your driving license in person at the relevant driving license office.

⇒ Passport / identity card

Another requirement is the presentation of a valid passport or identity card.

⇒ Original driver's license

Present the original, valid American driver's license together with a translation (if required).

⇒ Biometric passport photo

In addition, a biometric photo in accordance with German requirements must be enclosed with the documents.

⇒ Fees

A fee is payable for processing the application and issuing the driver's license.

⇒ Transfer period

After entering Germany, the driving license must usually be rewritten within six months.

In some cases, a new theory test may be required in Germany. This is particularly necessary if the American driver's license originates from a state whose driver's licenses are not fully recognized in Germany.

Depending on the US state in which the driver's license was issued, a practical driving test may also be required.

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