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Driving license duration - the driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main informs

Any length of time is conceivable, from two weeks to several months.

Be mobile at last! A driving license makes you independent of public transport and other drivers in your family and circle of friends and opens up new opportunities in your leisure time, education and career. But how long does driving license training actually take? Is the time frame the same for every driving license category? Is an intensive course also possible? The experienced and friendly team at our driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main will give you detailed advice and take plenty of time to answer your questions.

Theory lessons and driving lessons are decisive for the duration of the driving license

Driving license training consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In theory, the classic car driving license requires twelve double lessons of 90 minutes each plus two double lessons of additional material. In addition to the theory lessons, the driving lessons are the second area that influences the duration of the driving license. A specific number of driving lessons is not stipulated by law, but twelve special drives are required: five overland drives, four highway drives and three night drives. The driving instructor assesses when a learner driver is ready for the practical test.

Personal pace also influences driving license duration

Due to personal and professional commitments, driving license training can take several months. If you, as a learner driver, are taking a particularly intensive approach to the driving license project and have time to focus exclusively on your training for a few weeks, it is also possible to obtain your driving license within two to four weeks. In this case, the driving license fast-track course at our driving school is just the right offer. You can also speed up the time it takes to get your driver's license by taking the eye test and first aid course before registering at the driving school.

Do you have any further questions about the duration of your driving license or would you like to register directly? Then we look forward to hearing from you by phone, email or contact form. We will accompany you reliably on your way to your driver's license.

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