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Take driving lessons in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main - your way to a driver's license

Perfect support from the consultation to the test.

Get your driving license now - at the Bayrak driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main! We will guide you step by step through your driving license training, from the consultation to the eye test to the final driving lesson before the test. But before you sign up with us, you will probably have a few questions about the driving license training process. We will inform you about the individual stages below.

The steps to your driving license at a glance

Can't wait to take your first driving lesson? With our team of experienced and dedicated driving instructors, your dream will soon become a reality. Your driving license training is divided into:


How many theory and driving lessons do I need to take? When can I register for the test? How long does the driver's license training take? A detailed consultation in which we answer your questions is a matter of course at our driving school.

First aid course

In an emergency, first aid measures can save lives. This is why every learner driver is required to attend a first aid course. Our driving school offers regular dates for first aid courses, so you don't have to look for an external provider.

Eye test

Good vision is a prerequisite for safe driving. An eye test, which is also mandatory, determines whether you need a visual aid or whether your existing visual aid corresponds to your current visual acuity. You can also have this done conveniently at our driving school.


There is no general answer to the question of how long driving license training takes. From a two-week intensive course to several months due to breaks requested by the learner driver, any time frame is conceivable.

Theory lessons

If you are taking your class B driving license, you must attend twelve double lessons of basic theory and two double lessons of additional theory. Each double lesson lasts 90 minutes.

Practical lessons

However, the number of driving lessons depends on your individual learning progress, although twelve special driving lessons are mandatory. The driving instructor assesses when the learner driver is ready for the test.

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