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Eye test for the driver's license in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main - all important information

Prerequisite for applying for a driver's license.

Good eyesight is essential for safe driving. Every candidate for a driver's license is therefore obliged to undergo an eye test at an officially recognized eye test centre. This allows the visual acuity and, if necessary, the need for a visual aid to be determined. Our driving schools in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main will advise you in detail on the driving license eye test procedure.

Definition/content of the eye test for the driver's license

In a standardized test, the optician or ophthalmologist checks visual acuity using Landolt rings. The increasingly smaller rings are opened on one side and the driving license candidate must identify where the opening is located.

Frequently asked questions about the eye test for your driving license

You have probably already had an eye test carried out by an ophthalmologist or optician to determine your visual acuity and are familiar with the examination procedure. However, many of our learner drivers are still unsure, which we will address below:

How much does an eye test for a driver's license cost?

The test is free of charge at most opticians. If the test is carried out by an ophthalmologist, the cost is around 10 to 35 euros.

How long does the eye test take?

The test only takes a few minutes.

Where can I have my eyesight tested?

The eye test can only be carried out at a recognized eye test centre that has the necessary expertise and equipment. These can be ophthalmologists, opticians, doctors at the public health department or doctors with the additional qualification of occupational or company medicine.

How long is the eye test valid for?

When obtaining a driver's license, the eye test must have been taken no more than two years ago.

What do I need for an eye test?

Please bring your identity card or passport to the appointment.

When is the eye test considered passed?

For driving license categories A, A1, A2, B, BE, AM, L and T, the following applies: The test is passed if daytime visual acuity in daylight is 0.7 or better in each eye, i.e. visual acuity of at least 70 percent. These values also apply to people with a visual aid. For driving license categories C, C1, CE, C1E, D, D1, DE, D1E and the passenger transport license, a medical examination including a check of the visual field, spatial vision, contrast and twilight vision and color vision is required. The minimum values for visual acuity for the bus, truck and P license are 0.8 in one eye and 1.0 in both eyes in a medical examination. In an ophthalmological examination, the minimum value is 0.8 in both eyes or in the better eye and 0.5 in the worse eye.

What happens if I do not pass the test?

If you fail the eye test, you will need to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist who will prescribe a visual aid for driving and draw up a corresponding report to be submitted to the driving school.

Do you have any further questions? Then get in touch with us now!

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