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Failed your driving test? Here's what to do next

Any number of attempts are possible.

The theory and practical tests complete the driver training course - but not every candidate passes at the first attempt and the disappointment is great. According to a study, an average of 36.7 percent of participants fail the theory test and 43 percent fail the practical test. The team at our driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main will advise you in detail on how to proceed if you fail the test.

When is the driving test considered failed?

Intensive practice is essential for passing the theoretical and practical driving test. But even if you have prepared well and feel confident on the road, you may still fail the driving test. Don't hang your head, you'll definitely succeed on your next attempt! But what are the actual reasons for failing the test?

Theoretical test

In the theory test for the class B driving license, 30 multiple-choice questions - 20 on the basic material and 10 on the additional material - have to be answered. If there are more than ten mistakes or two incorrectly answered questions with a value of five points, the test is failed.

Practical test

Recurrent misconduct is one of the reasons why learner drivers fail the practical test, in addition to gross errors that lead to the immediate end of the test. The "cardinal errors" include disregarding the right of way, endangering other road users, driving through a red light, changing lanes without observing traffic and violating the overtaking ban. Repeat offenses include failing to signal or signaling incorrectly, speeding, prolonged hesitation at intersections and junctions, failing to drive on the right and disregarding traffic signs. Keep calm if you make one of these mistakes, which will only lead to you failing the test if you repeat them. You can make up for minor mistakes by driving well.

Many learner drivers also fail the test because they are nervous and therefore have difficulty concentrating. In the second attempt, the specifics of the test situation are already known, so most test candidates are much more relaxed than at the first attempt.

What should you do if you fail the driving test?

After failing a theoretical or practical driving test, there is a two-week suspension period, after which you can retake the test. You should use this time to practice and improve your knowledge, for example by taking more driving lessons. In general, you can take both tests as many times as you like. However, you will always have to pay the examination fee. It should also be noted that there must be a maximum of twelve months between passing the theory test and the practical test. Otherwise the passed theory test loses its validity and must be repeated.

Frequently asked questions about failing your driving test

If you have failed your driving test, you will certainly be concerned about a number of issues. We will go through some examples below:

How many times can I fail the driving test?

You can repeat both the theoretical and practical test as often as you like.

When do I have to take an MPU?

A medical-psychological examination (MPU) is required if the examiner has doubts about the learner driver's physical or mental fitness to drive after a failed test. It does not matter how many test attempts have already been made.

What are the costs if I fail the test?

The examination fee of 22.49 euros for the theory test and 116.93 euros for the practical test must be paid for each attempt at the class B test. In addition, there may be costs for further driving lessons.

How many driving lessons are required if I fail the practical test?

A certain number of driving lessons is not prescribed until the next attempt.

The team at our driving school looks forward to hearing from you!

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