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First aid course for the driver's license in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main

Preparing for an emergency.

An inattentive moment is all it takes - accidents on the road happen quickly and require fast, professional emergency measures that can save lives. For this reason, every learner driver is required to attend a first aid course. We provide detailed information on this topic below.

Definition/content of the first aid course for the driver's license

Every first aid course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. At the beginning there is an introduction to the basic theoretical knowledge of the anatomy of the body. This also includes special knowledge about first aid for children, which differs from that for adults. Practical examples are used to illustrate the content taught.

Life-saving emergency measures are the focus of the course. The basic principle is that first aiders should not put themselves or their children in danger. Immediate measures include securing the scene of the accident, rescuing people from the danger zone and calling the emergency doctor on 112. The five W's must be clarified during this phone call: Where did the accident happen? What has happened? How many people are injured and need help? What is the nature of the injuries? What is the extent of any fires? Wait for feedback. After the immediate measures, first aid in the form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, hemostasis, shock control and stable lateral position must be administered.

Frequently asked questions about the first aid course for your driving license

Before you sign up for the first aid course, you will probably have a number of questions, such as the following:

How much does the first aid course cost?

Depending on the provider, the cost is between around 35 and 55 euros.

How long does the course take?

The first aid course for the driving license comprises nine teaching units of 45 minutes each, which take place on one day.

Wo kann ich den Kurs absolvieren?

Kurse bieten unter anderem das Deutsche Rote Kreuz (DRK), der Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), die Johanniter und private zertifizierte Anbieter.

How long is the course valid for?

If the first aid course has been completed correctly, it is valid for life. Nevertheless, a regular refresher course is advisable in order to be able to act correctly in an emergency.

Do you have any further questions? Then contact our driving school now and get detailed advice.

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