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Training with Software Fahrschule 360 in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main

Driving license training with the latest technology.

How do you practice for your driving test as realistically as possible? With the Driving School 360 software! The advantages: You have access to 360-degree visual material in virtual reality, you can go through special, dangerous traffic situations and interact with the driving instructor and other students via a screen. For the training, you wear glasses through which you can see the content of the software.

Whether driving at night, in extreme weather or with children playing on the road - you can safely play through these and similar situations that you will later be confronted with as a driver.

All the advantages of the learning software at a glance

Fahrschule 360 is the latest technology for driving license training. The software was developed in collaboration with over 20 partner driving schools with the aim of training attention, anticipatory driving and reaction skills.

⇒ All learning content, which is based on the official exam questions, has been developed by professional driving instructors.

⇒ Our driving school team analyzes the driving behavior of the students and compiles statistics on individual learning.

⇒ Another advantage of Fahrschule 360: the motion sickness effect does not occur for most students.

⇒ Our aim is to guarantee perfect image quality and handling of the software at all times.

The project is funded by BMW, Innowerft/SAP, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the European Union.

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