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Test anxiety with your driver's license? The driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main provides information

Go into the test relaxed and well prepared.

Is your driving test approaching and are you suffering from test anxiety? With simple strategies, you can become more relaxed and focus on your strengths. The team at our driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main will give you some tips below on how to get your test anxiety under control before your driving test.

Definition of test anxiety

Nervousness and tension are widespread before and during an exam situation. If the mental tension is particularly pronounced and affects the everyday life of those affected, this is test anxiety, which is a psychological condition. This depends crucially on the self-assessment of the person suffering from exam anxiety. Thinking about the exam situation and their own ability to cope with it can exacerbate the symptoms, which range from sleep problems to palpitations. In extreme cases, what has been learned may be completely forgotten during the exam. This is known as a blackout.

Ways to overcome fear of the driving test

If you suffer from test anxiety when taking your driving test, there are a few tricks to solve or alleviate the extreme inner tension. For example, good preparation gives you a feeling of security. The more intensively you study, the more routine you will become and the less you will worry. You should also avoid additional stress and take time to relax, for example by reading a book or watching your favorite series. The night before the exam, you should go to bed early to get some rest. To reduce the pressure from your surroundings, it can be a good idea to only tell a few people about the exam. If you tell someone, it should be someone who motivates you and is empathetic. Taking sedatives is not recommended, as they often make you tired and slow down your ability to react.

In our driving school, you are the center of attention!

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