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Driving school change to our driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main

Reasons, procedure and FAQ.

You have registered with a driving school, are looking forward to your first theory and driving lesson - and are then bitterly disappointed, for example because the driving instructor doesn't answer your questions or is unfriendly? Or do you move house during your driving license training? Then it is essential to change driving school. The good news is that you can change driving school at any time.

Reasons for changing driving school

There can be various reasons for wanting to change driving school. Even if the first impression of the driving school is positive, the learner driver often becomes dissatisfied with the driving instructor over the course of the training, feels that they are not being taken seriously or doubts the quality of the lessons. In many cases, moving house also leads to a change of driving school.

Procedure for changing driving school

If you would like to change driving school, you should look for a new driving school before giving notice and clarify whether it accepts additional students.

Once you have found what you are looking for, you can terminate your current training contract. Only then is it possible to sign a contract with another driving school. The previous driving school will issue a certificate of completed theory and driving lessons, which must be presented when you register for a new course. Important: The driving license authority must be informed of the change in writing. The notification must include the name and address of the previous and the new driving school. If a different TÜV is responsible after the change of driving school, the corresponding test center must also be stated. As a rule, the new driving school takes over the notification to the authorities. 

Does a change of driving school affect the number of driving lessons?

If you change driving school, all theory and driving lessons completed to date will be taken into account at the new driving school so that you can continue your training seamlessly. Additional lessons are not required. The former driving school is obliged to certify the theory and driving lessons completed in the last two years.

Changing driving school - frequently asked questions

In the following, we address some of the questions associated with the topic of changing driving schools:

How often can I change driving school?

You can change driving school at any time during your driving training.

What are the costs of changing driving schools? 

If you change driving school, there are no extra costs to be paid to the previous driving school. A fee of 23 euros is due for registering the new driving school with the TÜV. The basic fee may have to be paid again.

What documents are required for the change? 

You will need a certificate from your previous driving school confirming that you have completed theory and driving lessons as well as a written notification of the change to the driving license authority.

What happens to the basic fee I have already paid when I change driving school?

It is advisable to change driving school after the theory test, otherwise you will have to pay the basic fee again.

When can I change driving school? 

You can change driving school at any time during your driving training, there are no deadlines.

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