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Get your small trailer driver's license now in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main!

Everything you need to know about driving license category B96.

Sometimes there is not enough space in the trunk to transport a lot of bulky goods at once. This is the case, for example, when moving house, disposing of bulky waste or buying an electrical appliance. The solution: simply take the small trailer driving license class B96!

You are in good hands at our driving school in Mainz or Frankfurt am Main.

Definition of small trailer driving license for the car/driving license category B96

The small trailer driving license (category B96) entitles the holder to drive a motor vehicle with a trailer weighing up to 750 kilograms, provided that the combination of both components does not exceed the permissible total mass of 4.25 tons. If the vehicle is lighter than 3,500 kilograms, the trailer may weigh more than 750 kilograms. This is not a separate driving license, but a key that is added to the class B driving license.

Frequently asked questions about the small trailer driving license

In the following, we address some of the points that often concern our learner drivers:

How much does the small trailer license for the car cost?

The cost of obtaining a small trailer driving license varies depending on the driving school. As a guide, you can expect to pay between 400 and 600 euros.

How long does the training for the small trailer driver's license take?

The training for driving license category B96 consists of both the theoretical and the practical part. The theoretical part lasts 2.5 hours and the practical part 3.5 hours. There is also one hour of driving practice. A test is not required.

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